Type of service

Insolvency law

We are specialists in insolvency law using our long experience of the insolvency administrator INS-SPRÁVCE v.o.s., IČO: 04539982, whose accredited partner is attorney-at-law Mgr. Ing. Dalibor Jandura and economic expert Ing. Lenka Jandurová.

We provide you with services of the highest quality of your representation in insolvency proceedings, including within the framework of the EU insolvency legislation. We are fully competent to solve all types of cases and represent both debtors and creditors, regardless of whether they are natural persons or legal entities.

We offer filing of creditor claims in all types of insolvency proceedings, verification of financial stability indicators of economic entities with respect to bankruptcy risks, representation in incidental litigation. Our activity also covers drafting and filing of bankruptcy and pre-bankruptcy proposals, preparation of reorganization plans within the framework of the insolvency law and related economic advice.

We provide comprehensive legal and advisory services in bankruptcy, reorganization or debt consolidation situations, taking into account your personal or business situation.